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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
What is it about the hurt?
The pleasure brought by such pain
Limitless joy gained
It punishes as I feel the plunge again
Like a shovel hitting dirt
My lips begin to perk

As I feel another dig
It feels thicker
As it goes deeper
The gush sounds meaner
I am such a filthy pig
And yet my smile is so big

I feel it slide like slime
It's liquid hot, burn and tare
As he slides down my body so bare
I beg for another, yes I dare
Our punishing bodies sweat shine
God... whoever forgets their first time?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
No, I do not desire change
Nor will I step forth
And accept vile sort
Of that kind of wage
No cost of my mind
My vision is fine
If this is a prison, I choose the cage
No! You can’t deny
Me! Foul defilers of eyes
Don’t you dare turn the page!
I see people being eaten away
And gluttons getting away
The rich with treasure galore
Purchasing until they’re poor
You are turning me to rage
Allies loyal and trusted
Blades cross and bonds busted
If you have any humanity don’t turn the page
As long as prayers there is still a chance… there…
…Beyond lies no one to hear… no one to answer…
Fool’s eyes deserve violation, free me from my cage
I fought it… never to expect it…
Against it only to accept it
… Yes… I accept it… I accept change.
Core Altered
I did this for a fanfic idea ( it was :batman:)
Basically it is about someone who is dealing with change... a darker sort.
I’m so close to the sun
Even in autumn rain
My sad mind refrains
I lock it off run
Run to the sun

Where she is waiting for me
And collect my woes like dead leaves
Set ablaze and appease
I just want to be
With her, our own heaven just her and me

Greeted by the golden glow
Pass the open gate
Too excited to wait
Beams shine on so
I see my path to go

Oh glorious deed and
beauty covered in star aurora
Enticingly blooming flora
I'll never leave again
As I breathe in my Heaven
Sun Way
Another Poem I wrote for my :iconithaswhatitisnt:
She is my light that burns away the gray skies. ^-^ :smooch:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
You present glory
Now wait as he gets closer
Embrace the hard earned trophy
Invite him to go further
Oh so tight
So savoring and flirty
Squeeze more for him to like
God you're so hot when you're dirty
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Many kisses from the sun
And glowing baths in the moon
Long miles constantly consumed
Wondering how far is soon?
Pray for a step more, just done
So breathless and waiting
Feet press forward leading
Every step bleeding
Followed by another one

I march on sweat and tears
Of all my darkest fears
That I'll never breach
The fine line to reach
So I still do
To get closer to you

It aches like hunger
Or a slow bitter defeat
But even with bloodied feet
What makes my heart beat
Is you... you make it stronger
No matter how many crimson miles
Or triumphs over gruesome trials
I will... to complete two smiles
So worth it... what's a little longer?

Through sleepless eyes and loosing blood
Let it all flow like a flood
As the fingers clutch
It is never too much
Because to touch your lips
Is the only life that lives
My Steps To You
This poem is actually not that old it was one of the first poems I wrote for my beloved :iconithaswhatitisnt:
Given the tough times she's in currently I feel she needs to see it again. ^-^ <3
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Where The Hell?

Hey guys... I know haven't heard from me in a while. A lot of things have been going on...


For starters last year after losing my job at Krogers I got a temp job working for UPS Sprint factory. I was there until my temp year was up and then just a few weeks ago I got hired full time ^^. So the job has been the primary reason why I haven't been on much.

Cincy Comic Con 2013

This past September my brothers and I took a weekend road trip to our first comic con. XD without a doubt the most amazing experience this year! We took some photos too so I might upload some of those later on. We also met some comic creators of this generation, husband and wife team, Adam Withers and Comfort Love. I just recently completed reading their series Rainbow in the Dark and it was awesome! Here is the links to check out their stuff if you guys are intrigued...


A down point this year would have to be the youngest brother... omg! He has been a little shit this year! He's been suspended from school about 3 times already and pretty much acting like an asshole to everyone. Hopefully maybe he has finally tone down some, he has managed to avoid trouble for a full 2 weeks.

The Sheep Who Desired The Wolf

I am a sucker for classic lines and twisting them ^^. I have a new lady in my life, her name is Cathy :3


oh yeah my birthday is today... with everyone looking at me going how old are u? Really? Wow you don't look that old! Thanks I had no idea that 28 was that old XP

Anyways I will be on whenever I can... but for right now I have to get ready for work.

bows as a proper gentleman and disappears into the darkness


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Accent: I am guilty of having a southern slang every now and then, that and when my sinuses are clogged.
Skin: I am pale, freckles, and surprisingly smooth.
Random Facts: I am the eldest child in my family of three sons, Catholic, raised by my grandmothers for my single digit years, my family is quite diverse on my mother's side they are catholic/democratic & my father's they are baptist/republican and yes family gatherings are quite the exchange of ideals, but a pleasant melting pot.




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